“Noumenal Design” in spatial computing / XR :
systems architecture / ux design / art+ai

This holistic approach supports the user’s personal ergonomics & style, first and foremost.  In order to guide how it is that they choose to interact with what will likely become our 24/7 spatial computing, “always on” digital lifestyle.

“Noumenal Design” is a multi-disciplinary approach that should inform all areas of an applicable spatial computing production process.  I feel that this approach stands to be quite valuable in our XR “always on” future, in which VR, AR, MR begin to blend into the same medium that transitions dynamically throughout each XR scenario in the same user-session.

“Noumenal Design” is based upon an amorphic approach to UX design aesthetics, & engineering systems architecture.  The foundations for this approach are informed by my work @ Unity Labs, in the areas of VR/AR/MR.  Noumenal engineering patterns build upon the functionality injection architecture patterns implemented in Unity 3D’s EditorXR (originally by Amir Ebrahimi).  The foundations of Noumenal UX patterns rely upon cross-XR flows, that support same-session dynamic input & context switching/transitioning/blending.  Noumenal UX aims to support seamless UX transitions across controllers, gesture, BCI, radar, touch, and voice.

“Amorphic Design” in industrial design : Builds upon the foundation of “Noumenal Design”.  Below are images demonstrating a customizable MR overlay composited upon an amorphically-designed light fixture :