“EditorXR : SF Design week 2018 award winner : Best in Virtual Tech”

Currently in development:
Wireframe XR : AR/MR wireframing toolset for Magic Leap (Unity Labs)
EditorXR @ Unity Labs – Unity Technologies (design XR in XR)
GitHub : EditorXR

misc AR/MR/VR experiments/projects @ Unity Labs
Research & patent development in VR/AR/MR

I’ve also assisted in various capacities on the following Labs projects:
M.A.R.S. : AR/MR authoring toolset (Unity Labs)
Carte Blanche : XR

I’ve been working with the Unity Labs team over the past two years, focusing specifically on the future of spatial computing: what tools we need to make today, how machine learning will inform design, and most importantly how we’ll think of, and redefine, computing in the future, when everything is highly personalized, tailored to the individual, and designed to work in any space.

My work has ranged from deep research into new forms of interactivity (SpatialUI) and inputs (BCI, unconventional hardware). I’m also keenly interested in privacy and encryption, quantum computing, and virtual art, all of which come into play in my daily work.

One of my aims is to broaden the conversation beyond the limitations of current hardware: to inform and bring up ethical and business considerations that will come up as the result of new advances being made today.

I’m a technologist + senior engineer @ Unity Labs.  I have a passion for pushing the boundary of XR design.
I design and engineer with a holistic view on where XR is going, as VR potentially merges into the AR/MR ecosystem of the future.
My designs anticipate such potential changes, anticipating the needs of tomorrow in pragmatic designs for today’s hardware as well.

I’ve been lead designer on Unity Labs’ EditorXR toolset since 2018, and a senior engineer & lead technical artist on the project since 2016.
In addition, I have a passion for XR research & experimentation.  I’ve been involved in a number of XR related innovations/patents while at Labs.
I’ve also designed and engineered one of the first multi-XR based input/menu systems, the Spatial UI, now included in EditorXR.
This Spatial UI system is designed to be compatible with controllers, gesture, gaze, and EMG.

SIGGRAPH 2017 : Presenter : Real Time Live

GDC/VRDC 2018 Presenter : Noumenal Design in XR

IDSA 2016 speaker : “The Importance of Industrial Design in the Evolving XR Landscape”

UNITE 2016 : Presenter – “Building the Metaverse in the Metaverse”

Binary Salon 2018 : Speaker

unannounced Vive/Oculus VR titles / experiences / art installations
unannounced Hololens & Magic Leap projects
unannounced iOS/Android AR projects

Shipped VR titles:
Unity 3D – EditorXR
“Dream” – Oculus GearVR Store

Multiple shipped mobile titles released (iOS + Android) – inquire for additional information